The Besançon Franche-Comté International Music Festival was at the forefront of innovation in 2004 with the creation of a composer’s residence. The idea came from the observation that modern classical music is not always accessible, and concerts with no introduction serve only to compound the difficulty often encountered in understanding the work.

The regular presence of a composer, able to tell the public about their own work throughout the year, makes the world of contemporary music and the composer more accessible.
Together with a number of local partners, the Festival holds audiences, conferences, and masterclasses for pupils at the region’s music schools and conservatories, primary schools, secondary schools, and colleges, as well as the Université de Franche-Comté.

Camille Pépin, resident for 2020/2021, succeeds Éric Tanguy (2018/2019),  Philippe Hersant (2016/2017), Guillaume Connesson (2014/2015) Misato Mochizuki (2012/2013), Michael Jarrell (2010/2011), Édith Canat de Chizy (2009), Bruno Mantovani (2006/2008) and Philippe Fénelon (2004/2005).

Partners of the residence

The cultural action of the Sacem

Since the 1960s, Sacem has been developing a cultural activity to support musical creation, the dissemination of works, and the training and integration of young professionals. The 1985 Private Copying Act created additional resources for its approach to supporting musical life. Sacem offers support programs that take into account the specificities of the various repertoires it protects: classical contemporary music, other contemporary music (song, rock, electro, world music, etc.), music to the image, poetry, humor. The cultural action of Sacem thus contributes to the emergence of new talents, contributing ultimately to the renewal of repertoires.

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