A round of preliminaries with some turbulence but everything went well in the end!

With a missed flight connection in Moscow for the jury and pianists, and their luggage that was momentarily lost on the way, the whole program for this stage of the auditions had to be changed at the last moment. All candidates of Beijing, initially split in two days, were auditioned during one long day this Wednesday, April 24. Successfully! They were able to conduct the two pianists on works of Rachmaninoff and Mozart, such as in all the different preliminaries this year.

The jury and pianists are now heading for Montreal, Canada, for the next round of auditions on April 27th and 28th, before the last round in Besançon next week.

In pictures

Some “behind-the-scenes” images of Catherine Larsen-Maguire and Jorge Rotter (jury), Thomas Palmer and David Berdery (pianists), Jean-Michel Mathé (director of the Festival), some candidates and our mascot “la Comtoise”, enjoying this World tour for the auditions.