July 2, 2020

A 73rd “limited edition” festival

Faced with the health crisis, the entire Festival team worked on a new organization to maintain concerts and welcome the public.
Most of the concerts are maintained with adjustments and innovations, but the Festival had to give up the large symphonic formations, which cannot be accommodated on the stages while maintaining physical distancing.
However the 2020 edition remains rich and varied, faithful to the eclecticism of the Festival, with more than 30 concerts, orchestras up to 40 musicians, as well as chamber music, jazz formations and music from world, sometimes in the open air, in larger rooms, and some broadcasts on giant screens and on the Internet.

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The sanitary measures require a specific organization to welcome the public: we thank you for reading these information before coming to the concert, on the practical information page (please note, these information are subject to changes).

Jean-Michel Mathé, director
and the Festival team

See the 2020 teaser

June 20, 2020

A program designed to evolve

We have chosen to reveal the Festival program we have dreamed for many months, well before the start of the health crisis.

Orchestras, ensembles, soloists, jazz and world music musicians … It’s a rich program of more than forty concerts that you can discover.

While the announcement of the reopening of the theatres is a positive signal, the health measures imposed remain restrictive, both in terms of the reception of the public and artists and the authorized gauges. We are already working on a second scenario with formats that will have to be adapted: open-air concerts or concerts in halls that allow physical distance, limited musical formations, video broadcasts on the Internet or giant screens… A new organization will be decided in consultation with the prefectural and municipal authorities.

The main lines of this “adapted” program will be announced at the beginning of July.

May 4, 2020

May (re)live the Music

Uncertainty now hangs over the cultural events of the autumn, after a summer that promises to be without festivals. No one can predict the evolution of the health crisis, and we still hope that the 73rd Festival we dreamed of will come true, as you will soon discover, with the diversity and richness that make our strength: great orchestras, ensembles, soloists, jazz and world music.

The ticket office will open on 15 July on the Internet and by mail, and on 18august at the Kursaal. If the conditions are not met for the Festival to run smoothly, the Board of Directors will decide in early July whether or not to cancel it. Thanks to the confirmed support of our main public partners, we will maintain as much as possible the remuneration of the artists and technicians of the show, and will be able to cover the structural expenses of the Organizing Association.

With all the professionals of the culture, through our federation France Festivals, we are working hard to create the conditions for a resumption of shows and concerts.
We also need your support, do not hesitate to join the Association.

Whatever may become of this 73rd edition, we are already preparing for the 2021 edition and the next Young Conductors’ Competition, and we say to you all, see you soon, so that music can (re)live!

Jean-Michel Mathé, Director
and the Festival team