57th Competition: when and how to register

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Open on Monday, January 25

Registration for the 57th International Competition for Young Conductors will open on Monday, January 25 at 10 am.

They will be open until Wednesday, February 10, midnight (Paris time), subject to availability.
The Competition limits registration to 270 candidates. Registrations may close early if this quota is reached.

A counter will be regularly updated on the registration page (the precise count is made in real time on the payment platform).

How is the registration process?

Registration, only online, is a two-step process:

  • Administrative registration of the candidate on our website for the upload of an identity document, a CV and a photo (no other elements are accepted).
    The registration link will be accessible on the home page or on the page of the 57th Competition ;
  • Redirection to our secure platform for the choice of the preliminary rounds city and the payment of the registration fees (250 €).

A registration confirmation email will be sent to each candidate once the documents have been checked and payment validated, within 5 working days.

After the closing date for registration, a notice will be sent to each candidate specifying the date and time of his/her invitation to the pre-selection test.

Registration form

What about the covid-19 health crisis?

We remain informed of the evolution of the restrictions due to the epidemic, particularly concerning international travel.

  • In the event of total cancellation of the Competition before the preliminary rounds, the
    registration fees will be refunded;
  • In case of cancellation of the final rounds in September decided after the preliminary rounds has taken place, the registration fees will only be refunded to the selected candidates;
  • In the event that candidates are unable to travel due to pandemic-related travel restrictions – for the preliminary rounds or final rounds – their registration fees will be fully refunded.
2021 Competition Rules

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